Granliden Mittens

By Klara Bothén

480 SEK

Yellow Mittens

Year: 2011

Edition: limited edition (until the yarn is used up)

Material: 100% two-threaded Swedish wool

Size: One size (25 x 10 cm)


Other info: The indigo mittens will be produced until the yarn is used up, and there is not much yarn left! The mittens should be hand-washed in lukewarm water. They are available in other colours as well. Please contact We Love This Product for more information about the mittens in other colors.

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Tags: staying warm , wearable , mittens , textile

Additional info:

Granliden Mittens

The mittens are knitted i wool yarn that Klara's mother and grandmother plant-coloured during the summer of 1982. Some time ago Klara received two boxes filled with this yarn and she felt that it was about time that it came to use again, 29 years later!

"Granliden" is Klara's old summer cottage, the place where the yarn originally was plant-coloured. Skvattram, or Rhododendron tomentosum in latin, is the plant that was used when creating the mustard yellow colour.

This project is very typical for the way Klara works, where she finds inspiration from what has always been around her - landscape, family and objects. There is something special with finding and again using something that's been forgotten and untouched for a long time.